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North East Dental Management and its affiliated companies have helped dozens of dentists achieve their vision– realizing the best value for their practice equity and enabling their ability to continue practicing chairside for as long as they like.

Who we are

Dr. Craig Abramowitz, the founder of North East Dental Management (NEDM) and its CEO, concluded after many years of practice that what dentists loved the most was "doing dentistry" and what they liked the least were the "burdens of management and practice ownership"… hiring, firing, managing staff, marketing, financial management, dealing with government agencies like OSHA, negotiating with insurance companies. The headaches go on and on.

His vision was to build a company that recruited the best and the brightest in each of the subject areas essential to building and managing a successful practice to partner with dentists – allowing them to focus on their patients and excellence in the delivery of their clinical care.

For more than ten years, North East Dental Management has partnered with dentists to achieve this vision. We provide "best in class" support in:

  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing of supplies and equipment
  • Payor negotiations
  • And more!

Operating in the northeast corridor, NEDM has grown to become one of the largest and most successful companies of its kind in the northeast market.

How it Works for You

Our goal is to identify dentists who are interested in continuing to practice but have the personal goals of:

  • Turning hard earned practice equity into cash
  • Continue to practice until you are ready to retire
  • Would love to focus on caring for your patients and unload the non-clinical aspects of practice ownership
  • Retaining day-to-day control of their office

When we find a dentist and practice, either solo or group that's a good fit, we mutually engage in a process to determine practice value and the proposed terms of your affiliation with NEDM.

Once established as partners, we bring our expertise and capabilities to manage all of the non-clinical aspects of your practice, freeing you up to focus on your patients. Our goal is to stand shoulder to shoulder with you enabling the delivery of clinical excellence to an ever growing pool of patients—helping you to build a bigger, better, more profitable practice.

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North East Dental Management
115 West Century Road suite 300
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